Calling for Nominations

WHPC gives members the opportunity to nominate for the WHPC Tenacity Award and the Luke Simpkins Award, as well as the newly added Mayor’s Cup. So, keep your eyes open for worthy members while you are around the grounds. Then grab a nomination form and get it in by October 31. Awards will be presented at the Awards Presentation and AGM on November 25.

  • The WHPC Tenacity Award is given to recognise the rider who shows determination and perseverance to participate in spite of difficulties. It does not have to be the rider who excels, but one who demonstrates resolve to continue even though the day is not going as they would hope at rallies, club activities and outside competitions.

  • The aim of the Luke Simpkins Award is to celebrate the achievements of a rider who has shown determination to succeed and passion for their sport. The rider is competitive and always demonstrates outstanding sportsmanship. They are committed to the training and continued development of the horse and rider combination. They represent their club with pride.

  • The Mayor’s Cup acknowledges the relationship between WHPC and the City of Wanneroo. It is awarded in recognition of a person who contributes significantly to the club in any capacity. The recipient may or may not be a WHPC member.

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