Family Night

On the night of the 17th, (the night before the ‘Pink Rally’ on the 18th) we thought that we would hold a ‘Family Night’ at the club rooms for kids and adults, a catch up for everyone - with the kids looking after the adults!!!!!!!!!, making sure our glasses and plates are full, the fire is stoked, with our shoulders massaged, and the cleaning up carried out diligently. However, they will be pleased to know that the next morning, things will be back to normal, with the roles reversed, with adults again catering to the kids every whim - just like normal Rally Days…!

This could be a great opportunity to come together and socialise for everyone, young and old alike, with an emphasis on meeting the often unseen “other half’s” of the family’s, that are off on different activities over weekends, and for our younger members to make/strengthen friendships. All welcome and encouraged to camp/sleepover, even if you don’t want to sleep over, just come and enjoy. Maria and I will bringing our caravan to camp for the night, but there will be plenty of room for everyone in our clubrooms to lay out a swag. Would envisage parents that have their ponies nearby, picking them up Sunday morning to bring to the Rally. Our intention is for a Campfire (Bonfire if the weather permits) and BBQ, so bring a snag, salad, and roll, and some drinks.

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