NEWSFLASH!! Calling All Keen Dressage Riders

The Pony Club WA State Dressage Championships are not too far way – the 19th and 20th of August to be held at the State Equestrian Centre.

For those you of you that are not familiar with Dressage Champs :

There are a few individual tests that can be ridden but there are lots of really fun tests that can be ridden as a pair or as a team. Most events you do need to have qualified for to enter by obtaining a score of 57% or above in the test level and have attended at least 3 rallies on the horse you want to ride.

One event where you don’t even ever have to have ridden a dressage test before is the ‘Musical Ride’ which is great fun for both old and little riders alike, the older riders helping the little riders perform a pattern to music in costume, which you get to perform to a large crowd in the indoor arena.

Because these events need lots of prior preparation and training we need to have an idea of who is interested in competing, especially for the musical ride in order to get training underway. If you would like to enter or would like som

e more information, please come see me at the Rally on Saturday to register.

Below is summary of the different events to give you an idea of what is available but please see the PCAWA website if you would like more info. Currently they still have last year’s entry pack to download which gives you a rundown of the different classes.

(Freestyle means you write the test to go with music)

  • Musical Ride – this event can have from 6 to 16 riders participating. It is a freestyle event with an emphasis on telling a story using costume, music, choreography and working as a team. We can also enter as a formation ride where we wear formal Pony Club uniform.

  • Freestyles from Prelim to Medium level in different Age groups.

  • Pas De Deux Pairs in Ponies and Horses – a freestyle event in costume to music.

  • Pas De Deux Elementary level

  • Plunkett Teams – This is a Club team of 4 riders in freestyle event split into different classes based on Age and are either Prelim/Novice, Elementary or Medium.

  • Kanandah (Riders 14 -25 yrs) & Gingamurrah (Rider 13yrs and under) (Club teams of 4) – this event has a turnout component judged as a team and a test workout component

  • Prix Caprilli (Club Pairs) – a test which combines dressage with jumping a cavaletti ridden at the same time but in different arenas.

  • Stuart Harkness (Club Pairs – Horses) & Wanda Nelson (Club Pairs – Ponies) A stipulated test ridden as a pair together in the arena in formal pony club uniform

  • Prep, Elementary & Medium Tests as individuals.

  • Zone Teams of 4 riders riding a EA Novice test.– to be decided at a zone event.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Rally on Saturday.

Kind Regards,

Maria Agnew

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